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If your business is currently not tapping into the benefits of the cloud or don't fully understand the concept, MBGR Management will help you.  We help is designing simple and effective cloud solutions that match your business goals, budget and security policies. 

Whether it's leveraging the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or hosting your business data in our own MBGR Management cloud, we can provide the right solutions for your needs.  Moving your business to the cloud provides:

  • Flexibility - The cloud fluctuates with your business.  If you need more capacity and bandwidth, we can add additional resources.  If you need to downsize, scaling down resources can also be part of your overall design.
  • Disaster Recovery - Having your business in the cloud lowers the overall cost of disaster recovery for your data as well as removes physical infrastructure in your office
  • Automatic Software Updates - The latest version of your software in the cloud is included with your subscriptions
  • CapEx Free - With our cloud technology, you simply pay as you go
  • Increased Collaboration - Allows your teams to work from anywhere and share data
  • Document Control - With cloud applications, there is no need to email documents back and forth
  • Security - Lost equipment such as laptops are a security risk with the data stored on them.  With the cloud, data is stored only in the cloud
  • Competitiveness - Moving to the cloud gives your business access to enterprise class technology at a fraction of the cost.  The cloud allows you to compete with any size organization
  • Subscription Based Billing

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers subscriptions to a full suite of Microsoft cloud products including Exchange email and security, Skype, Sharepoint and Teams for collaboration, conferencing and voice.  Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.  In addition to OneDrive for cloud file storage and additional software.

MS Azure & Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are platforms that allow a business to build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud.  MBGR Management can help you leverage your business technology and software by utilizing these platforms to save your firm's capital and increase resilency.  From storage to servers, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services allow for unlimited potential.

Secure Cloud File Sharing

MBGR Management can bring your existing file server(s) to the cloud or leverage file sharing services that already exist in the cloud space including our own datacenter.  Optionally your data can be encyrpted to keep prying eyes out.  Which can be accessed from almost any device, anywhere.

Virtual Desktops

MBGR Management's Virtual Desktop cloud service allows your business to maintain high performing Windows desktops without the cost of purchasing a new PC.  Mostly all of your applications can run on a Windows 10 desktop running inside of our cloud.  You can use your existing PC's to connect to your Virtual Desktop.  No need for warranties and maintenance and costly PC upgrades.  Your Virtual Desktop exists in the cloud for use anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Applications

We can create custom applications for your business in the cloud.  Or possibly move your existing applications to the cloud for increased reliability and accessibility.  MBGR Management designs cloud based applications to fit your business and workflow.

Private Cloud Datacenters

Our private cloud datacenters are geographically diverse throughout the United States.  We have secure datacenters located in New York, Texas and Oregon to ensure uptime and availability at all time.  Each site is redundant of each other to keep our clients data and applications running 24/7.