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MBGR Management is much more than a Managed Services provider.  What separates us from our competition is our unique ability to leverage existing and/or create custom applications to run your business.  For example, we can implement document management applications to managed cases for your law firm.  We are certified vendors for multiple EHR/EMR & Practice Management applications to run your medical and health facility.  Our robust event registration and bookings management platform allows you to build a presence on the internet for your appointment based business.  Lastly, if your firm intends to sell on the internet, we have e-commerce platforms that will suite your every business need.

Event Registration & Bookings Management

Manage all events, registration and bookings with our cloud based application for your business.  Notification, promo codes, easy to use registration and payments are just some of the dozens of features available to our clients.

Class and School Management

Our all-in-one school and learning management cloud applications can be the backbone of your school and/or training center.  Manage everything from students, teachers, classes, payments and much more.

Association, Membership & Donation Management

Our association & membership management cloud applications have your organization covered.  With features such as membership lists, donations, email integration, campaigns and many more, MBGR Management has your organization covered.

Customer/Client Relationship Management

Our cloud based CRM solutions allow your business to build strong relationships with your customers, boost conversations and improve revenue rates.  Improve your sales today.

Document, Case & File Management

Our cloud based application allows your firm to manage, store documents and reduce paper.  Keep a record of revisions to a document.  Manage your files across your business.

EHR/EMR Medical Practice Management

Our EHR/EMR & Practice Management solutions are HIPAA, PCI compliant and mobile ready to ensure your medical facility runs smoothly.  E-Prescribing, payments and patient notification are just small set of features available with our solutions.

Fleet & Delivery Management

Manage your commerical vehicles with our cloud based application.  Features such as GPS tracking, geofencing, speed and fuel management, trip detail, OBD fault codes and many more.

Sales & Inventory Management

Point of Sale, Warehouse & Inventory Management, Store Management and Merchandising are some of the features of our Sales & Inventory Management applications. 

E-Commerce & Website Design

Build out or maintain your existing webstore.  Our cloud based e-commerce platform allows you to easily sell on the internet.  Manage payments from multiple vendors, your products, inventory, sales and integration with dozens of established platforms.  Let MBGR Management help you sell online today.